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> next avail date: July 10 onwards

> We have many customers who send some sweet treats to their close friends and family. Starting from as low as $20 including delivery

> Bake-it-Yourself at comfort of your home: Cake-kits with video and detailed info

> Operating hrs: 10am to 7pm

> NEW FATFATCARONS MENU LAUNCHED!!! Following is our seasonal promo items.

1) 5pcs Heart-Shape Fatcarons with Words

2) Korean-style Fat-Carons, can mix

~ Flavours : Chocolate / Speculoos / Salted Caramel / Earl Grey / Citron / Vanilla / Cream Cheese / Matcha / Pistachio / Strawberry

3) NEW! Korean-style Fatfatcarons, can mix.

~ Flavours : Orh nee / milo dinosaur / Gluten-Free Mint chocolate / lychee rose / passionfruit chocolate coconut / Durian mochi / Strawberry Matcha duo / rainbow Vanilla Cheese / choco Rocher / Ham & Cheese 😱

4) New Durian Pastries Menu:

A. Durian filled swissroll: 1pc or whole roll

B. Durian Mochi 100% durian filling: 1 set of 6pcs

5) Brownies

6) cookies

7) Signature melt-in-mouth Pineapple Tarts (only avail occasionally)

8) All-In-One Special Cake-Kits: Make it yourself with your loved ones! Comes with Video and full detailed info.

Delivery charge at only $8/location for flexi delivery (timing 10am to 5pm). $20-30 for specific time. EXTRA CHARGE FOR LAST MIN ORDERS

  • Flat delivery fee: SGD 8.00


1 day PROMO: for July 12 delivery only
SGD 0.00

NEW FLAVS: Fatfatcarons
SGD 30.00

SGD 12.00

Korean-Style Strawberry Cake
SGD 58.00

Korean-style Palette Wording Cake
SGD 58.00
Limited Edition: Brown and Cony Macarons
SGD 48.00
5pcs Heart-Shape Fatcarons with 5 words/Chinese characters
SGD 28.00
Durian Swissroll (Whole roll no deco 15cm)
SGD 32.00
Durian swissroll 1 slice
SGD 8.00
Durian mochi 6pcs
SGD 15.00
GLUTEN-FREE brownies 20s
SGD 16.00
Fudgey Brownies 20s
SGD 18.00
OCD Celebrative Brownie Tower
SGD 108.00
Signature Melt-in-mouth Pineapple Tarts (limited quantity available for 1 week only) 20pcs/bottle
SGD 18.00
Double Chocolate Cookies 1 bottle
SGD 18.00
Choco chips cookie 1 bottle
SGD 18.00
Combi A: 4pcs fatcaron + 1pc durian swissroll
SGD 20.00
Combi B: 4pcs fatcaron + 8pcs brownies
SGD 20.00
Combi C: 2pcs fatfatcaron + 4pcs fatcaron
SGD 28.00
All-In-One Special Cake-Kit: Ondeh Ondeh Fatfatcarons
SGD 68.00
All-In-One Special Cake-Kit: Paradise Fruit Tarts
SGD 68.00
All-In-One Special Cake-Kit: Tsum Tsum Cakepops
SGD 68.00
All-In-One Special Cake-Kit: Jap Wagashi Nerikiri
SGD 68.00



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